A personalised garment, 100% Made in Italy

The model, the yarn, the fineness, the colours and many other details are the elements that you can combine to create an infinite number of possible solutions. This is how your Desigknit knitwear garment is created: starting from your specific requirements, as is always the case with large projects. All yarns come from Italy, where they are also processed. The manual skills and expertise of our artisans, necessary to achieve the excellence of the garments, are our flagship.

The 'calatura': a technique that is a love of detail

Desigknit garments are made using the 'socketing' method. This term refers to the fact that needles are 'lowered' to create special curves in the weave of the knit. The use of this technique can be seen in particular in the neckline or armhole, giving the garment a cleanliness and precision that is unrivalled, as well as greater strength.

Excellence also means respect for the environment

All the materials used are by definition eco-friendly, as they are completely natural yarns. The reduction of environmental impact is also expressed, at Desigknit, through other important aspects: the localisation of production entirely in Northern Italy, the absence of yarn waste and production only when the order has been placed, thus avoiding the presence of unsold product.

Always and forever, Desigknit aims to place the person at the centre of its production. The wearer of our garments, the result of personal stylistic choices and ideas, must be the sole protagonist. We prefer one of our garments to bear your initials or a phrase that represents you, rather than our logo. Desigknit is discreet, clean and minimal, to leave room for your personality.

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