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Men and style: how to match sweaters and the perfect occasions to dress them

Despite the fact that it’s now ingrained in our stylistic and aesthetic imagination, we have probably never sufficiently reflected on how much the sweater represents a fashion item that cannot miss in a man’s closet, especially during the winter. It’s in fact a must-have choice, due to its versatility and ability to adapt to a wide range of looks.

Whether it’s an informal meeting, a date that requires elegance or an occasion under the banner of sobriety, with a nice knitted garment you can never go wrong.

The only condition is to know how to match it in the right way, according to the occasions you choose to wear it.

The sweater on casual occasions

The possibility of choosing it in a “relaxed” size makes the sweater an absolutely suitable garment for situations that contemplate casual wear. Aperitifs, dinners with friends or last-minute appointments that require a quick choice: if you don’t know what to choose in your closet and how to match the loose sweaters inside, try a simple and versatile monochrome pattern paired with a t-shirt, jeans or chino pants and sneakers.

Semi-formal appointments: clean look and fitted fit

In addition to being a perfect casual garment, a sweater can be serenely worn in all those contexts where confidence and formality are equal: a great example would be a business lunch among colleagues. In such cases, the best choice may fall on a fitted crew-neck model, accompanied by a button-down shirt, and smart slim-fit pants with sneakers. The important thing, considering that today “clean” is a synonym of style, is not to overload the color palette. With a sweater/shirt pairing, however, you can never go wrong in these cases.

If formality is required, aim for understated colors and accessories

An institutional dinner, an important meeting or even a day at the office that requires formal attire are all occasions that can undoubtedly contemplate the inclusion of a sweater in everyone’s look. The choice might be a fitted crew-neck model in subdued colors such as navy blue or black, accompanied by an oxford shirt, a tie and fancy pants or chinos. On such occasions, let’s not forget the great effect that wearing your knitwear item under a smart jacket can have.

Sweater and jacket: a winning combination, but not for everyone

If the combination of jacket and sweater undoubtedly represents an elegant and modern style choice that is well suited to the most formal occasions, let’s not forget that today this look solution is often used even in the most “easy” contexts, thanks to the fact that in recent times jackets and blazers have easily established themselves in fashion also thanks to their use in casual and sporty outfits.

What should be considered, however, is that this combination suits well only those who are able to wear it nimbly without fear of being too informal in serious contexts and too elegant in more relaxed ones.

The items best suited to be paired with a jacket are undoubtedly the crew-neck model and the turtleneck model.

Create the right sweater for every occasion

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