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Men’s fashion: trend colors in 2023 and the right personalities to wear them

If there is one thing that fashion has taught us, especially in more recent times, it’s that the rules are less and less defined to give up to the personal taste and to the pleasure of customization, so as to make each garment worn unique and perfectly in line with everyone’s personality. What emerges from industry research based on recent interviews is that men – and certainly women as well – prefer to express their being even through clothes that don’t uncritically follow what fashion proposes.

That said, the fact remains that the choice of colors remains an essential element to be inspired in constructing everyone’s look.

In 2023, for men, primary colors win

The full-color outfit has been a must for several seasons now, and the runways have already anticipated that this year’s men’s looks will again be entirely created with primary colors such as yellow, green, blue and red.

Blue and green, in particular, recall the widespread need to return to a close contact with nature, appearing very elegant but at the same time suitable for experimentation depending on the shades.

Bright and vibrant shades, then, which nevertheless can also be juxtaposed with a classic navy, the elegance of a sand, or the lightness of camel shades.

Colors and personalities

Regardless of what the trends are, it’s important to remember that colors always convey feelings to the wearer and to the beholder. That’s why, in light of the fact that today’s fashion world is increasingly distinguished by the desire to convey its uniqueness, it’s important to choose colors also based on everyone’s inner feelings, personality and what a person wants to communicate to others.

Green, quietness

The color green represents balance and calm, and its presence is able to synthesize harmony between mind, body and emotionality. Wearing it, especially in the softer and darker shades, means placing oneself in a position to convey feelings of quietness, reassurance and peace.

Blue, Reliability

When it’s on, blue is a color that can lend energy and impact to the image, always coming across as gritty and lively. In its darker shades, such as navy blue or midnight blue, it’s the quintessential color of credibility, reliability, and confidentiality. It turns out to be perfect, therefore, to wear on business or formal occasions.

Red, passion

Red is a visceral color, able to activate the senses and to stimulate action with cheerfulness.

Those who wear red, and are able to do so with ease, always communicate a great sense of dynamism, openness to others, spontaneity and, obviously, passion.

Yellow, wellbeing

People who wear yellow feel particularly good about themselves. It’s, in fact, the color most associated with a strong sense of identity and extroversion. A yellow garment is a source of light and liveliness, and when it’s particularly bright, it expresses a desire for lightness and a desire to leave difficult moments behind.

Desigknit, for every fabric its colors

Desigknit, in addition to the possibility of fully customizing its knitwear garment, guarantees its customers to be able to choose from a wide variety of colors associated with the three main materials on which production is based: 100% cashmere, 70% cashmere and 30% silk, and 100% extrafine merino.