Be unique,
shape your style

Desigknit wants to satisfy your desire to create your own knitwear garment even before you choose. Express your uniqueness and choose the excellence of a garment which totally reflects you.

Quality, craftsmanship, sustainability

We provide you with the best raw materials in the world and the high quality of Italian craftsmen during the manufacturing process. We also devote great attention to sustainability. The 'made to order' formula ensures that no unsold material is produced, while the 'sock' production technique means that not a single centimetre of thread is wasted.

Our materials

1. 70% Cashmere

2. 30% Silk

3. 100% Merino Extrafine


100% Cashmere

silk white / fog / slate / charcoal / black..

70% Cashmere 30% Silk

royal blue / navy blue / grass / meadow green / forest green...

100% Merino Extrafine

white / light grey melange / grey melange / dark grey melange...